Google's Ice 2, the N13,000 sleek droid

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Hello there techies, something good is happening and I'd be damned if I don't let you in on it, Google is up to something real good, expected to hit us this year's September, and trust me me when I say you'd love it! The ICE 2 smartphone.

Me when I first saw the specs of the Google Ice 2 project:

Yes, this is all about a smartphone and NO it's not a flagship kind of piece, it is rather an entry level kind but the price when compared to the specs is just going to blow your mind!

 The 5.5 inch simple beauty is expected to come rolling in by September for just $40, a.k.a N13,000 only. Google is at the forefront of this in conjunction with a Japanese OEM, Freetel.

Though an entry level piece it is, the device is expected to come with coo features like:
  • Google Play Protect
  • Latest Android OS
  • Freebies from MTN as rumour has it Google is doing some partnership with the Telco giant.
  • Good quality which Freetel is quit renowned for
  • And of course Google GMS certified.

GSM : GSM 850 / 900 / 1800 / 1900
3G: HSDPA 2100
4G: No
SIM Type : Dual Micro-SIM

OS: Android OS

Processor Type : Quad-Core 1.2 GHz Cortex-A53
Processor Name: MediaTek MT6580
Graphics Processor : ARM Mali 400
RAM : 1 GB
Internal Storage : 8 GB
External Storage : Dedicated Micro-SD card up to 32 GB

Dimensions: 155 x 79 x 9 mm
Weight: g
Display : 5.5 inches, 1280 x 720 pixels (267 PPI), 2.5D
Sensors: Accelerometer, Proximity, Light Sensor
Build: Plastic
Colours : White. Black.

Bluetooth: v4.2
WiFi: Wi-Fi 802.11 b/g/n, Wi-Fi Direct, hotspot
GPS: Yes
USB: microUSB v2.0. NFC

Rear : 5 megapixels, auto-focus, and LED flash
Video recording : 720p
Front-facing : 2 megapixels

Charging : Regular
Capacity: Lithium-Ion 2800 mAh
Fast Charging: No
Reverse Charging: No

And there you have it the beautiful has earlier stated is expected to be launched around September, the excitement I feel doesn't come from just it's incoming presence, but  that:
this is an harbinger of the fact that things are getting better, cheaper in the android world and that's something to be excited about!

What do you think? Is this worth going for? Yay or Nay?


The Logo Making Cheat Sheet

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In this post, I'm going to be showing a number of us something really simple that we likely know not off yet. I call it: The Logo Making Cheat Sheet.

You probably have tried your hands at a number of logo making web based app before but non really deliver like their  front page screams, believe me when I say these guys that i'm about to tell you of are different and so okay for personal use and a bit okay for mini commercial purposes, I earned some money from locals personally, from designing Logos for them using this free service.

I speak of no other than LOGOMAKR

Like I said earlier, logo maker is a web based app, so yes, you'll be needing an internet connection all the way till you export your work offline.

Do they charge for HD image export? yes, but what do we really need HD image for? when we only want to use a small image for logo, believe me the normal quality given for free still suites the job, logo making.

And no, it doesn't really consume data, plus I don't have a personal meet with them so NO this is not one bit a hog wash, I'm not getting paid for it.

  • Easy To Use
  • Free clear image Export
  • Low Data Consumption
  • Free logo/graphics, a lot of them to choose from to spice up your piece
  • Flexibility, you can tweak shapes, texts, and graphics. 

and more...
Let's get to the designing. To get started, visit: www.logomakr.com

I won't be dropping any direction on how to use the site in this post but not to worry, that's because the system is self explanatory, and moreover upon your first visit, a video pops up which you should play, it explains even the more the workings of the site.

And that's it, if you encounter any issue though, do let me know via comments and be sure I'd respond.


5 Tips To Help Speed Up Your Android Device.

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This morning, we shall be kicking off this week on a speed level. In this post I'd simply be tipping us off on 5 simple manoeuvres that can help speed up our android devices.

Normally, a typical android device don't get to have the total amount of RAM stipulated in specs available to its user for use when unboxed, as the system would take its fair share, sometimes, more than fair. The major factors for speed in an android device are the THE RAM AND PROCESSORS, albeit, the available storage space also plays an important role in whether your device would lag or not. This post is not for the explaining of the concept though, I know you just want to get the tips and get juicing your speed so let's get started.

  1. Know Your Apps: Gone are the days when tech was complicated, things are pretty easy now, you don't need no bros at no computer village to keep your gadget stocked so for your phone's heath sake, know your stock, avoid indiscriminate installation of apps, some have so many apps that they can't even keep count yet they use less than half of the list. Mind what you collect into your phone as even when you feel some of those apps are dormant, no they're not, some of them run endlessly in the background doing no good for you but rather ripping off your data, collecting data and sending back to their base.

    This is not just bad for your subscription but also slows your phone's speed down more than supposed in line with your true usage as it is taking part of the processors and RAM and the shady part about that is you wouldn't know as it would not show when you minimise to see opened apps.

  2. Disable Auto-Start Ups: Most apps upon installation collects the permission of auto starting which you willingly give without reading, now thing is, you are like not going to ever use some of these apps for a long while but rather every time you switch on your device, they auto start and in redundancy cause redundancy in your device's speed. To disable this, go to settings, scroll down to auto start management and change settings to your preference(using Tecno W2 as a case study, other phones likely have it under SETTINGS > APPS...). That's it.

  3. Reduce Or Eliminate Animations: There are some things that you just should be using a third party app for, as much as possible avoid using 3rd party apps to run some functions that has an inbuilt app for it, e.g Launchers. If you are using one, if you won't love to disable it, then reduce the animations, these lot slow down speed unnecessarily. Same with any other 3rd party apps for customization, albeit, some inbuilt apps need this re-setting also.

  4. Get A Cleaner: You should have a cleaning app which you should run from time to time. It should have at least the functions of guiding you on storage management, so also should it have the function of genuine RAM boosting. Most reputable for such a task for the now is the CLEANMASTER, you can get it from playstore.

  5. Clear Out The Trash: Trash, that's exactly what cache is most of the time, most times, majority of the info stored therein is a pure waste of storage, as you use different number of apps, data on them get logged into the cache, when it gets really large, it becomes a pain to your device's speed as low memory would normally do to any phone. To rid your phone of this from time to time. To do this, goto: Settings>Storage>Tap On The Storage>Tap on the 3dots at the top right corner>Choose Clear Cache and proceed. Can't find that on your phone? Just use a cleaner to get the job done.

And there you have it friend, 5 easy but effective tips to speed up the speed. Have a great week and do not forget to hit the share button.


How To Connect Xender To Laptop, Even When You Already Have Hotspot on For Your Laptop.

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Xender is one fine piece of file sharing app that makes use of WIFI to power its transfer protocol, with time since its inception, Xender has witnessed an impressive number of changes, one of them is that which makes it possible to connect one's phone to PC for easy file transfer.

Albeit, thing is, for that to happen, by default the data needs to be off and an hotspot would be created by Xender, well, in this post, what I am going to be showing us quickly is how to make the connection still happen even with your data is on and when you already have your phone sharing the data with your PC via your own custom hotspot.

   How To:   

1.) Open the Xender app on your phone
2.) Click on receive file
3.) Tap on connect to PC by the bottom right
4.) (By now your data or hotspot or both would be off) draw down the notification bar and see to it that they are on.
5.) You should see something like SCAN... (like in the screenshot below)

6.) Now open a browser on your PC, type in web.xender.com in the address bar and hit go
7.) A bar code will show up, click scan on your phone now and scan the barcode on the PC using your camera.

*In about 5secs if you performed the steps right, you should hear a click sound and nep pages displayed on both devices and voila! Your gadgets are linked.
You can now share away, even as you browse, you can download on the go and share immediately to your phone without having to break your internet connection. Happy file sharing pal!


LEAGOO Z5C, Cheap, Yet Sleek.

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Here's a cheap yet quality one from one of the not so popular brands, Leagoo. The specs are good, for the pricing, no long story, here's our pick for the cheap phone of the week.


 Key Features: 

 OS  : Android 6.0
 CPU  : SC7731 Quad Core 1.3GHz
 Screen  : 5.0 inch (854 x 480 pixels) Type: Capacitive
 RAM/ROM  : 1GB RAM + 8GB ROM (TF card up to 128GB (not included))
 Camera  : 5.0 MP Back Camera + 2.0MP Front camera
 SIM  : Dual SIM,Dual Standby
 Network  : 2G (GSM 850/900/1800/1900MHz) 3G (WCDMA 900/2100MHz)
 Support   : 3G,WiFi,Bluetooth,Gravity Sensor,Proximity Sensor
 Battery Capacity  :  2300mAh  (Type: Li-ion Battery)

Connectivity: 3G,Bluetooth,GPS,GSM,WiFi
  WIFI  : 802.11b/g/n wireless internet
  I/O Interface  : 1 x Micro SIM Card Slot,1 x Standard SIM Card Slot,3.5mm Audio Out Port, Microphone, Micro USB Slot,Speaker,TF/Micro SD Card Slot
  Sensor  : Gravity Sensor,Proximity Sensor
  FM radio  : Yes
 Additional Features : 3G,Alarm,Bluetooth,Browser,Calculator,Calendar,GPS,MP3,MP4,People,Wi-Fi

 What Comes With The Package: 

Earphones: 1
Power Adapter: 1
USB Cable: 1
Back Case : 1
English Manual : 1

And there you have it, the cheap phone of the week, want yours now with the shipping fee slashed? Call/whatsapp:  08068098467. 

Happy New Month!!!

Details On The All New Airtel Unlimited Plans

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You'd recall me telling us in this post that our dear Airtel has released an all new data package with unlimited plans. Well, in this post, you'd be learning how really unlimited the plans are.

Now the thing, data don't really zap on these packages but they are in some way limited though the limit at which the are capped is yet to be made known but the limit at which the speed get throttled is not unknown.


   The 10K Plans:   

  • Fair user policy applies once you passed 40GB (begins to throttle at the speed of 256kb)
  • Validity Period is 30 days
  • Rollover doesn’t apply
  • Dial *462*10# to activate

   The 15K Plans:   

  • Fair user policy applies once you passed 65GB (begins to throttle at the speed of 256kb)
  • Validity Period is 30 days
  • Rollover doesn’t apply
  • Dial *462*15#

   The 15K Plans:   

  • You get free Airtel mifi
  • Fair user policy applies once you passed 100GB (begins to throttle at the speed of 256kb)
  • Validity Period is 30 days
  • Rollover doesn’t apply
  • Dial  *462*20#
And there you go, the details on the plans, but from the look of the plans though they are not for the everyday user, if you are the type that cannot finish even just 10GB in a month, don't bother wasting the subscription. But one of the perks is, it can be connect to multiple devices, hence you a mini data consumer and you still want in? Gang up!


5 Reasons Why Most online Businesses Fail

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Good morning people, in this post we'll be outlining in a brief mode some reasons why many online businesses fail. And I'd like that we start off with the below quote.
"If your business is not on the Internet, then your business will be out of business." -Bill Gates
Putting that quote into careful considerations, one would say it is only smart to venture into a business online and or make sure to have an e-version of an already existing biz, running offline. Although this is a smart move that always end up in ruins most times when not smartly executed. Below are five causes of awry falls.
  1. Vague/No Analysis: most people venture into online set ups without considerable knowledge of the workings of the business. Knowledge of the business goes way beyond just knowing that okay, I'd buy for a certain amount and can sell for this price, questions like: how encouraging is the market? Is the business still experiencing her boom period? can I endure the earning time frame? and more needs to be deliberated on, one needs to analyse extensively before venturing into any biz, and be sure to have full knowledge of what he or she is getting to.
  2. Not Keeping Tabs: Not keeping tabs of what's happening in one's field and consequently getting outdated is one hell of a risky move of irresponsibility, when you are outdated, it's like being stripped down to no pants while at front-line in war. Being outdated leaves one at the mercy of counterparts and there's no telling what they'll do to reduce the competition. For a business to survive, one need to constantly be aware of any advancement, discovery, changes made as regards his area of concentration, e.g You are into photography, and you are still using lenses with low MP when most others are displaying their stuffs with higher resolutions, you have ultimately declared yourself out of business.
  3. Ignoring The Experts: You can't become a master in a day, in fact, you are never really one. Best attitude towards your business is to be the ever ready learner who seek the advice of experts every now and then. The aim is simple, to learn from the mistakes of others, save yourself stress, or worse still, an eventual collapse.
  4. Ignoring The Locale: Dreaming big is a great thing, but trying to fly when you haven't mastered walking is to seek doom. Never ignore the locals, they are your number one community and your link to reaching that dream of going global, albeit, for you to get to be able to get in touch with the world, you have to be one who has been able to create a connection with your immediate surrounding, you have to learn from there feedback, the complaints, their behavior towards  your products, take survey on them and more. Basically, the point is: Get to know them.
  5. Impatience: Good things come to those who wait work and have patience for their efforts to yield. Most of this things take time before they'd yield a good return. But when they do, it's always great. This is something that mostly kills many young blogs, the zeal to become Linda in months forgetting that it took her years. Always consider your inputs as seeds that need time to germinate, grow and bear fruit. This is not applicable to all e biz though, some, if you ain't earning from day1, you running losses already, no deep thinking to it.
Bonus Tip: One of the thing about getting clear analysis is to know how to go about cost of set up and plans that you should run with least you start what you can not finish.

And with that, this topic is signed, sealed and delivered. I hope you love it.


Top 5 Myths About Blogging

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Today people, we're going to be looking looking at the top 5 myths as regards blogging and we shall healthily debunk them, some are actually funny, especially No. 2. Okay, let's go.


It is easy

No, blogging is not easy. To think copy and paste capabilities can run a blog effectively on good standard is a bland misconception. It's either you in for quality or you'll be out in no time with a stack of plagiarized contents. You have to be good with a niche and you have to be ready to give repeated quality efforts day in day out. Else the blog will be dead on arrival, there are many other things to keep in check to make a blog survive but this is a major.


Visitors MB Get Converted To Money For Blog Owner On Every Visit

Yes, blog owners with time earn, but NO! I REPEAT NO!!! mb never gets converted to money for blog owners, telcos have no affiliation with blog owners by default, they share no mb profit with bloggers.

I hear a lot of people say stuffs like:
no, make I dey visit your blog make you dey chop my mb abi?

You don't make any payment to no blogger by just visiting their blog, that's an extreme misconception. I hope blog readers start treating bloggers better upon this realisation.


It's all about gossip

No, that's wrong. In blogging, there's what will call niche, and in other words that means area of concentration. Pro bloggers know the necessity of having a defined niche, e.g on this blog you'd have if this is not your first time notice that we post mainly techy and literary articles.

Different folks, different strokes, different blogs different niche, and there a variety of niches, ranging from; lifestyle, fashion, gists, and tons more


It is an unproductive venture

Well I need not to write no epistle on this as this innuendo is gradually being eradicated off the minds of many, at least since one of Nigerian's foremost blogger, Miss. Linda Ikeji started acquiring mouth gaping properties.

Blogging is a profitable venture, just that like a number of other business, it doesn't work  in line with a short term boom! It take work.


Every blogger is a techy.

No! Big no! You need not to be a tech pro to be a blogger. You just need to have the desire, passion for the work, just like every other work or course of study, if your heart is willing, then a way is waiting. To set the blog up, you can just hire a web developer, it doesn't cost a stack of cash that hurts, once your blog is up and running, all that's needed on your part is not code touching but contents delivering, simple.
And that's it dear reader, hope you enjoyed this piece. Let's read from you to, the comment form it open. Do share.

How To Get 1.4GB for N500 (MTN)

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Morning there. In this post I'l be showing you how to get 1,375MB from MTN for just N500 only. And no tweaking of IMEI involved, just got to dumbfound the system.

First off, if you want the MB to last for a month you need to have done(recently)/do a sub of one month and finish the 1.5GB maybe in 5days or 7. Now you move on to manipulating protocols.

How To Get The 1.5GB;

Migrate To MTN pulse if you are not on it already. Dial *406# to do so. (You'll like the plan, call rate is awesome)

Reason: on MTN pulse, you don't get 750mb for N500, you get 1GB instead. Based on logistics😉

Now if you've recently subscribed as earlier stated, you must have gotten the kind of message in the screenshot below as MTN is sending it out to virtually almost all their customers.

And thereafter, dial *406# and follow the prompt for one gigabyte sub or do it through *131# under weekly subs.

Well, it's supposed to last for just a week but hence the reason for the first step which if you had like 20days left unused of the month's sub, 7days will be added from the day you sub to the 1week and would eventually leave you with a validity period that's literally a month.

And oh, being that you on the data offer, the 750 supposed original data allowance for the 500naira sub would be halved and added to the 1GB you'll be given.

And that's it people. It's what I've and will be using till I find a way around this Android6 IMEI tweaking problem, without using PC. Enjoy.

Do share.


It's official! Etisalat is now 9mobile (Proof)

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Remember how I flag the name as just a rumour as far as officiality is concerned so far? Well, things just started getting official and yes, it is 9mobile.

Up until yesterday, they still rolled out notifications using the etisalat brand name, but here the come today, rolling out notification as you can see in the shot above with the name 9mobile.

And then about 2hours earlier, the deleted all old posts on IG and changed name to 9mobile_ng and then posted the below pics:

What do you think of the name? Hit or miss?

(With the "_ng" could it be that there is actually 9mobile in another country?)